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    About Yusen Logistics

    Recently, the situation surrounding international logistics has been changing dramatically. Instead of considering freight forwarding, warehousing and other distribution functions individually, customers tend to adopt a comprehensive logistics strategy that seeks to optimise the distribution process as a whole. Logistics companies are now being called on to provide “one-stop service” that offers all the distribution functions in one package.


    We are a fast growing company looking for the managers of the future, who can prove themselves in a demanding and dynamic environment.
    Graduates joining Yusen logistics can be assured of individual development from day one.

    We’re looking for candidates who can demonstrate excellent communication and problem solving skills, as well as the ability to use initiative and enthusiasm to get real results.

    Your initial development programme will last from 18 months to two years. We believe in learning through experience, so the focus is on developing your skills through involvement in the business. Wherever you start, you will be in a real job, with a clear role and real responsibility. You will also be given the opportunity and support to gain a Diploma in Logistics, a recognised professional qualification.

    You must possess a serious work ethic and you will be expected to be mobile and flexible. You won’t be spoon fed, but you will have support all the way, both from your line management and from a mentor allocated to help you throughout your graduate programme. Continuous assessment and appraisal will give you a clear idea of your progress and where you’re going.
    We’re looking for potential – people who can demonstrate an ability to lead, influence and develop others. To make the right decisions – and make them count.

    That means you need to be adaptable, confident and highly organised, as well as an enthusiastic team player. Someone who can keep things moving whilst making sure that no detail is overlooked.

    You’ll need to be aware of the issues surrounding a deadline-driven, customer-oriented business, and be keen to develop the professional focus required to develop long-term relationships with customers.

    As a rapidly growing international company we offer opportunities to work outside the UK on highly prestigious contracts. We’d like to hear from candidates with experience working in mainland Europe. Language skills are always an advantage.

    School and College Leavers

    We value our apprentices and the contribution they make to the success of our business. We believe that growing our own talent is the way we will succeed.
    You’ll have the opportunity to gain formal qualifications as part of your Apprenticeship which is tailored to meet the needs of the specialist knowledge you require to support you in your role. Assessments will be carried out to make sure that you are learning as you are earning, and to equip you with the skills you need to reach your full potential. Some of the areas covered are:

    Traffic specialists – planning routes and organising loads to ensure that goods reach their destination on time and in good condition, with all the necessary supporting documentation. To do this you will need a quick brain, the ability to think on your feet and to work in a busy and pressured environment

    Warehousing specialists – organising the handling, storage, packing and movement of goods in and out of the warehouse. You will need to be highly organised, energetic and ready to take responsibility in this role.
    To develop your career in this industry you will need to have initiative, good organisational ability and strong practical skills coupled with a good work ethic.

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