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    Intellectual Property at Bournemouth University

    Bournemouth University (BU) has a strong international reputation in the intellectual property (IP) arena, specifically its Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management (CIPPM), which has a respected standing, both nationally and internationally, in research and legal education in different areas of IP law.

    We offer intellectual property study at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Along with the PGCert and LLM courses detailed below, BU also offers IP law as an optional unit for final year LLB students. The unit involves collaboration with students from design and engineering where the law students are given the opportunity to advise students in engineering on their innovations. This element of the unit, culminating in prizes sponsored by retired patent attorney Paul Turner, provides for a unique experience for students studying IP law at BU whilst preparing them for a career in IP law from the level of undergraduate studies.

    We have helped to further the careers of many legal, engineering and science professionals, from organisations such as IBM, Nokia, Siemens, JP Morgan, Airbus and BAE Systems. Law firms that have sent or taken students include: Marks & Clerk, D Young & Co, Leaman Browne, Deacons, and Scott & York.

    Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property

    This part-time course is designed to give a detailed overview of substantive IP law and aims to improve your employability, particularly if you intend on working in IP intensive industries in a variety of legal and managerial roles.

    The course is accredited by the statutory regulator, the Intellectual Property Regulation Board, and is treated as equivalent to the Joint Examination Board/Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) papers (FC1, FC3, T1, T2, T5, FC4, FC2); as well as the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) papers (Foundations of Law, Design and Copyright Law, Trade Marks A, Trade Marks B). For many students, it is the first step to professional qualification.

    Our students already hold degrees, typically in the sciences, or in another relevant academic discipline. If you don’t have prior legal knowledge, you will be supported by a range of online activities relating to foundational principles of law, such as the English legal system, contract law and tort.

    More than half of our students are sponsored by their employers and the course is delivered over three weekends (with extensive online study over five months).

    LLM Intellectual Property

    This is a full-time option and has been developed in collaboration with the Joint Education Board of CIPA and ITMA. It provides a thorough understanding of UK and European law, together with international conventions and practice affecting IP protection.

    You will experience a unique blend of delivery and self-managed study over this one-year course and the completion of specific units will provide you with full exemptions from the CIPA/ITMA Joint Education Board foundation papers: Design & Copyright, FC1, FC3, T1, T2, T5 and Basic English Law.

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