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    • Number of Employees: 82
    • Number of Qualified Patent Attorneys: 11
    • Number of Trainee Patent Attorneys: 14
    • Location: Birmingham, Cambridge, Epping, Leeds and Reading

    Firm history and structure

    Avidity IP was established in 1989 and currently employs 80 people in the UK. Until 2011 it was known as HLBBshaw Group. The company has a worldwide client base ranging from large multinational organisations to SMEs and individuals, all of which receive the same high quality service, irrespective of size.

    Working at Avidity IP

    Avidity IP is an innovative and exciting place to work. It’s a place for people who have a passion about what they do for a living, who want to share it with others in a drive for something worthwhile and different. It’s a business where change is normal, excellence is ordinary and where you find out pretty quickly that almost everything has something extraordinary about it.

    Range of client services

    Although patent filing and prosecution is the mainstay of the company, Avidity IP also has a successful trade mark practice. It is well known for its high performance in difficult practice areas such as EPO patent oppositions and IP litigation, areas where it has never been short on lateral thinking.

    To meet the needs of its clients, Avidity IP operates through technology groups: chemistry and materials science; electronics, telecoms and computer science; engineering; life sciences; pharma and nutrition.


    Every other year at least we seek to recruit five or six trainees to start with us in the autumn. There is a structured training programme that runs for six months, led by an experienced patent attorney, which sets up our trainees to be exposed to a broad range of patent work appropriate to their technology during the remainder of their training with us, which could be in any of our offices. As well as in-house training, we send trainees on appropriate external courses and exam revision programmes.

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