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31 Mar 2018

  • Job Type: Graduate Job
  • Profession: Actuaries, Management Consultancy, Insurance
  • Start Date: September 2018
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • UCAS Points: Trainee Consultant – Life and Financial Services
  • Application Details: We will be processing applications as we receive them.
  • Degree Required: 2:1

Firm wide responsibilities for all Trainee Consultants

  • Developing the necessary technical skills to carry out detailed and sometimes complex analysis, applying knowledge and judgement to interpret the results.
  • Applying mathematical knowledge to solve often complex and challenging problems.
  • Formulating advice for clients (whether the client is internal or external to the firm) using the results of the analysis.
  • Presenting and communicating that advice both verbally and in a written context.
  • Learning to use sophisticated modelling to help support the advice we give to our clients.
  • Presenting the results of our calculations and modelling in an engaging and compelling way.
  • Focusing on developing and nurturing client relationships (both internal and external).
  • Responsible for careful time recording and allocation to appropriate client and job codes.
  • Adhering to the firm’s Information Security standards, policies and procedures.

LFS specific

As part of the Life and Financial services team we provide targeted insurance advice across six areas of focus – product development; risk and capital management; investment and ALM; longevity management; transactions and structuring; and insurance transfers and reporting.

In our team you’ll be working with our exceptional consultants and technical experts on a wide variety of stimulating work from an early stage. For example you’ll be:

  • Working with innovative analytical and modelling tools to help clients understand and manage longevity, investment and other types of risk.
  • Reviewing the appropriateness of insurance products to ensure they remain appropriate in an ever changing environment.
  • Presenting the results of our calculations and modelling in an engaging and compelling way.
  • Working on thought leadership, carrying out research and helping write articles across all six areas of focus.
  • Attending client meetings, encouraging you to develop your consultancy skills alongside your technical skills and life insurance knowledge.
  • You’ll also focus on developing and nurturing client relationships by really getting to understand their business, their needs and offer them first class impartial advice and recommendations.

We’re looking for candidates who love manipulating and analysing complex data and who also like to think critically to break down and evaluate problems objectively. You must also enjoy being efficient in your approach to work and deadlines, working with others, adapting to unfamiliar or changing situations, whilst all the time communicating effectively with your colleagues and clients. Difficult challenges, self-development and resilience are also areas you must relish.

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