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19 Nov 2012

  • Event Type: Presentation
  • Location: Rewley House, lecture theatre.
  • Registration: More Info / Register Via Website

Calling all technophiles! Want to know what working in software development is really like in a software development company? We’ll tell you all about it; the ups, the downs, the zig zags and all…If you have a passion for coding or technology, this is the talk for you.

We’ll be talking to you about what it’s really like to build software outside of the classroom. We’ll explain how, at Red Gate Software, we go about taking an idea and launching it into a project, how our teams hang together and how we get to the end result of a world-class piece of software. Software development is the crux of our business; software is our product, our life-blood, our very soul! So we know what we’re talking about…most of the time…we like to think…

We’ll also have plenty of information for you on the different kinds of opportunities we have here and the kind of people we seek out to join us. We don’t just hire software developers – we take people from various backgrounds into a range of technical areas such as testing, technical communications and user experience. This talk will probably interest final year comp sci’s and students from a technical, numerate or scientific background with an interest in technology or programming.

Food & drink provided.

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