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Prepare for a future as an economist in financial markets with practical and theoretical education from a world-ranked institution.


  • Learn the empirical and practical applications of economics and finance as well as core theory
  • Boost your employability within a wide variety of industries by developing strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Engage with our diverse academic faculty and industry practitioners
  • Benefit from the combined expertise of both the ICMA Centre and the Department of Economics
  • Utilise the ICMA Centre’s finance-oriented in-house careers development programme

Course overview

MSc Economics in Finance is designed to prepare graduates to work as economists in the investment banking industry and other international or government organisations or in research related roles. It is delivered jointly by the ICMA Centre and the Department of Economics. Students admitted to the programme will therefore benefit from rigorous training in both economics and finance and benefit from range of specialist modules offered by both departments.

The programme is structured with a strong emphasis on the combination of theory and practice. It gives students both breadth and depth of understanding of economics and finance in a systematic way, combining theoretical, methodological and practical issues. Participants learn how to apply and use models but also the theoretical foundations behind the models. They also study micro and macroeconomics and acquire solid understanding of corporate finance and financial economics, which will equip them with strong practical and analytical skills for financial services, investment analysis and research.

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