The Young MCA is a network organised by the MCA for member consultancy firms’ staff in the first five years of their consulting career.

The network’s vision is to engage and develop the young consultant community and shape the future of the industry. The network is run by the MCA and a council of young consultants from each member firm. The council has overall responsibility for the Young MCA’s goals and actions.

Professional development & networking

The Young MCA team deliver a series of events and networking opportunities for its members. These events typically combine a business focused session, which delivers personal development content, followed by the opportunity to network with, and learn from, peers within other member consultancies. Senior members of the consulting community are often invited to share their experiences and pass on their advice.

Events highlights of 2016/17 included:

  • The Real Power of Goals
  • Essential Leadership: What it takes to be a Charity Trustee
  • Making Networking Work
  • Thinking Your Way to Success
  • The Future of Energy
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • How to persuade anyone to do anything (well almost).

Online community

The Young MCA has an ever growing online community who mainly communicate with each other via the group’s LinkedIn page, which has grown in numbers over the past couple of years.

Here Young MCA members share and discuss industry news, viewpoints and resources which have added value to the industry as a whole. Young MCA members also have the opportunity to raise their profile and voice their opinion through a number of online publications associated with the MCA and the industry.

Promoting consulting as a career

One of the Young MCA’s missions is to promote the consultancy profession to school leavers and undergraduates. The network holds a number of university career sessions during the academic year and works with graduate recruiters to show what life is like as a consultant. The network also contributes to various career publications to give their first-hand knowledge of the career path of a young consultant.


A message from Stephen George – Public Sector Consultant with Grant Thornton

The Young MCA offers young consultants the chance to engage with their industry and peers at other member firms. This might include learning about the consulting market at large, how different firms approach problems or an industry sector in particular. Participating in the Young MCA gives you exposure beyond the walls of your firm or your clients. Above all, it offers you a shortcut to a network of hundreds of young consultants in the UK.

To make the most of the Young MCA, and benefit from professional development opportunities, get involved with all the network has to offer. This could be via attending events; getting to know other networks the Young MCA has relationships with, representing the consulting industry at university or schools events, or wider volunteering initiatives and social gatherings.

In the past, we have run events on the future of the retail industry, transport infrastructure, and the challenges and opportunities facing female consultants returning to work. Many events focus on imparting valuable professional skills, such as public speaking, leadership, and goal-setting.

I have been a member of the Executive committee for a year and involved in the Young MCA for three years. It has been a pleasure to expand my knowledge of the consulting industry, grow my network and my skills and meet some of the friendliest young consultants. Get in involved, you will soon be glad you gave it a go!


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