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Integral to a business’ success

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

Marketing is a process of adding value; you may have the most amazing products or services but if they are not marketed to the right people, the business will suffer. Marketing is not only about understanding your customer needs but promoting and maintaining the brand through a number of different mediums.

You can see why marketing can be so vital to a company’s success and how complicated it can be to get right.

A popular career

Marketing can be entered from a range of different backgrounds and offers a wide range of opportunities. It is also:

  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Sociable
  • Can be exciting and glamorous
  • Can be less technical (excluding digital marketing)
  • Good career prospects.

For these reasons, marketing is a popular choice for graduates. But remember this means that it is also competitive, especially for those coveted graduate training schemes.

Work environment

Most organisations will have someone responsible for marketing, if not a dedicated marketing department. In larger companies, the Marketing Director will be part of the strategic planning of the company.
To some extent, most other departments will be involved in some form of marketing. This could be helping out with events, producing content for websites or even as a receptionist.

Some marketing activities require specific expertise, therefore many companies will employ agencies to fill these gaps. This is often the case with advertising where large companies like Saatchi & Saatchi will be used to produce campaigns for brands, products and services.
Differences in size

Smaller companies often offer a wider range of projects you can be involved with, however, larger ones will provide more chances to get training and possibly more opportunities to progress. The downside of these larger companies is being silo’d into doing certain types of work in a more anonymous environment.

You’ll probably start at around 35-40 hrs per week but this may increase with increasing responsibility, sometimes as much as 60 hrs per week. Often depends greatly on deadlines.

Certain roles and sub-sectors have a ‘Work hard, Play hard’ reputation. This very much depends on how much client entertaining and late nights you’ll have to deal with.

For roles such as Marketing Assistant or Junior Account Exec, starting salaries can be around £22,000. This can go upwards of 55k for the top marketing positions. This may increase further depending on the sector.
In addition to the basic salary, other benefits may be included creating different types of packages to choose from. It is also worth considering travel costs when thinking about taking a position.

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