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If you’re starting your working life right now, you’ve hopefully got a long career ahead of you. If you’re like me, you’ll hope for two things. The first is that you can afford to retire before you’re 80, and the second is that between now and then what you end up doing will be satisfying and enjoyable.

If that’s you, then a career as an IT professional could be an excellent choice.

Skills and opportunities

There is hot competition amongst top employers for graduates who are personable, clever, ambitious and have an IT/computer science educational background. The crème de la crème will get some of the most attractive graduate packages out there.

However, I regularly meet recruitment managers who tell me they can’t find enough people in that top bracket, and will pay top dollar. Essentially, business and government can’t get enough excelling IT professionals for now and for the foreseeable future.

It is vital, therefore, to keep updating yourself and stay in touch with current issues.

Current trends

Current trends in the profession are largely around mobile devices and cloud computing – for example, using an iPad to access a variety of business systems, and Facebook and Twitter, all on the go, all the time. Your job could be to keep teams working wherever they are, while still keeping them and their data safe and secure – that’s a massive challenge.

Right now, people with the right qualifications and the right attitude to security and risk in IT are in incredibly high demand.

Travel opportunities

IT is increasingly a global business, and again that presents opportunities. As a qualified IT professional your skills will be in high demand from California to Beijing to Dubai to Bangalore.

It’s a profession that offers the opportunity to work around the globe, to stimulate growth in developing countries and help lift people out of poverty, or make things happen in some of the richest parts of the globe.


Salaries in IT remain good particularly for those looking to enter particular sectors such as Banking. The financial sector carries out large recruitment drives for graduates who may help them gain a competitive edge.

Other sectors will also pay IT staff well as they are seen as an integral part of keeping a business going and moving it toward future success. Some companies will also offer excellent additional benefits such as gym membership and generous holiday in order to attract the top people. Read more about salaries and recruitment trends in IT.

Working as an IT professional

From health to horticulture, finance to Formula One, everyone is making use of IT professionals more and more. The IT profession provides great opportunities for those in it, and simultaneously creates opportunities for people in other walks of life.

The role of an IT professional can be a highly creative one. You can apply your talent to creating technology, or your charm and insight to help people make the most out of it. If you can see how to solve problems with technology or how people can work better using it, then that talent will keep you interested and occupied for long after your mates are bored to tears.

If you don’t like change, then this isn’t the profession for you. If you like being in the thick of it, having the power and responsibility, expressing yourself, and don’t ever want to be bored, then maybe this is for you.

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  • About David Evans: David Evans is Membership Director for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

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