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Looking for work experience online

If you are interested in working for a particular company, then it’s worth checking their website regularly as well as other jobs boards. Some may specialise in HR and recruitment roles such as the People Management website.

HR and recruitment are not common professions to have graduate training schemes for. Make sure you check out other entry-level graduate jobs for a way in. That said, some organisations such as Cancer Research UK offer general management programmes where you may be given the opportunity to have an HR placement and the option to develop into this area once the scheme is over.

Social media is also becoming increasing popular. Create a professional profile highlighting your relevant skills and include any related experience. Also note that other social media may be checked so be careful what privacy settings you have or what perception of yourself you are portraying through these mediums.

What other things you can do

The first thing you may want to consider is to whether to sign up to an agency. Some may specialise in filling HR or recruitment roles, or in fact be recruiting themselves, so get in touch with the ones you are interested in.

Expand your network: a lot of positions are filled just by knowing the right person. You can join CIPD or REC, if you want to attend events or courses where you might meet people who can help.

Also check out recruitment trade magazines which often have appointment pages inside.

Your career advisor at you university or a private one may also be able to offer some guidance. Some university centres have links with particular companies and you may be able to gain some work experience this way.

And finally, perhaps looking closer to home might be the answer. Does your current company have an HR department? Why not ask if you can shadow them or undergo some work experience. They could offer you a job but at the very least you may learn something about what HR or recruitment entails.

Source: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 

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