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Highlights from the CPO Agenda Question Time Debate held in London on 23 June 2011, in association with Sungard Availability Services.

Large-scale disasters hit the headlines for a few days before the human suffering begins to diminish and the eyes of the world’s media are diverted elsewhere. But for many businesses the effects of disasters can last for many months, affecting supply routes, component producers or workforces.

In an increasingly globalised economy the significance of these events is more and more important to supply chain professionals. And as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami illustrate, the effects can be long-term. Hear how senior buyers plan for and manage disaster recovery and take the chance to ask them about their experiences.

Speakers include:

  • Tom Rae, group director of procurement at NSG
  • Nick Wildgoose, global product manager, supply chain at Zurich Financial Services
  • Peter James, international development field operations manager at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply
  • Catherine Petersen, principal consultant, Sungard Availability Services
  • Steve Bagshaw, Editor, CPO Agenda.

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