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  1. Institute of Consulting Professional Code of Conduct, downloadable from the Institute of Consulting.
  2. Certified Management Consultant Competencies, price: IC Members free; Non-members: £50.00. Available from
    T: 01536 207 336.
  3. Institute of Consulting agreement for the provision of consultancy services, price: IC Members: Free; Non-members: £20.00. Available from T: 01536 207 336.
  4. The management consultant: Mastering the art of consultancy, by Richard Newton, 2010. Also available as an ebook.
  5. Essential tools for management consulting: Tools, models and approaches for clients and consultants by Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn, 2010.
  6. Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.) by Peter Block, 2011.
  7. The consultant’s quick start guide: An action plan for your first year in business (2nd ed.) by Elaine Biech, 2009. Also available as an ebook.
  8. Management consulting: Delivering an effective project (3rd ed.) by Philip Wickham and Louise Wickham, 2008. Also available as an ebook.
  9. Practical management consultancy (5th ed.) by Calvert Markham, 2007.
  10. The basic principles of effective consulting by Linda K Stroh and Homer H Johnson, 2006.
  11. How to build a successful consulting practice by Jack Phillips, 2006. Also available as an ebook.


Institute of Consulting, 4th Floor, 2 Savoy Court, Strand, London, WC2R 0EZ. T: 01536 207307,

Management Consultancies Association, 60 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DS.
T: 020 7321 3990,

British Expertise, 10 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH.
T: 0207 824 1920,

All Business Links is a general business advice service. T: 0845 600 9006,

Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers for the Republic of Ireland.

The Richmond Group, 

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