What’s involved?

Trading is a very technical role requiring a lot of analytical ability as well as keen instincts and knowledge of the markets. Traders price and execute trades, undertaking transactions in bonds, currencies, equities options or futures with traders at commercial and investment banks or large institutional investors and creating complex structured products.

Traders make trades for short and long term gain, either buying investments for a return over a long period or trying to ‘beat’ the market. Traders try to balance their portfolio and offset risk by dealing in different investment types.


Analytical ability is key for this highly technical role, as well as passion and dedication to an occupation that will involve long hours and high levels of responsibility from early on. The ability to think on your feet and learn on the job in an extremely fast-paced environment are also key.

Routes into

Typical degrees for traders are Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. Increasingly often graduates entering this field are holding PhDs. Foreign language skills are less important in this line of work.

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