Interviews are always nerve-wracking, particularly when you don’t know what to expect. The competitive nature of jobs in finance can put a lot of pressure on candidates to shine: what do you need to do to impress? We’ve gone to Roger Milbourn, Wealth Manager, for some top tips on aceing that interview…

I sat on the interview panel whilst I was a Director of a mortgage brokerage, so here are some tips from the other side of the fence:

  1. Take your time to answer questions. Pause and a have a think about the answer as it shows you are calm and analytical (even if inside you are screaming!).
  2. Demonstrate that you have researched the company and bring that knowledge to the table, as it demonstrates initiative.
  3. Prepare a few searching questions to ask beforehand, particularly about the company in question as it shows you are interested and thinking outside of the box.
  4. Buy a fitted suit and a double cuff shirt. If you want to work in financial advice, you have to look like and be a professional.
  5. Contact the company. In some cases I think it is perfectly fine to contact the company prior to the interview to see if they can give you any clues on how to prepare.

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  • About Roger Milbourn: Roger practises as a wealth manager with Financial Themes LLP, a small independent financial advice partnership based in London. After winning an award as the top performer in the CISI’s Private Client Advice exam, he offers some tips to future graduates on beginning a career in the competitive world of wealth management.

Roger Milbourn

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