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The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) provides international membership organisation for people who have an interest in chemical, process and biochemical engineering.

Why get Chartered?

Becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer proves to employers and colleagues your commitment to the profession and the quality of your work. Chartered Chemical Engineers must be able to demonstrate sufficient training and experience (typically at least four years) and work, or have worked, in a responsible chemical engineering post.

But there are other grades of IChemE membership, covering all levels of experience and ability.

  • Undergraduates studying Chemical Engineering or a related subject at university can become a student member, paying a one-off fee to cover the duration of their studies.
  • Affiliate membership is ideal for anybody working in chemical engineering or with chemical engineers, without being a chemical engineer themselves.
  • Associate members are most likely to be young members working in chemical engineering or a related field, usually working towards Chartered status.
  • Fellows represent the upper echelon of the chemical engineering community. To become an IChemE Fellow, you must demonstrate technical excellence and leadership, having held a position of importance and responsibility in chemical engineering, typically for at least five years.

Becoming a member of IChemE helps chemical engineers stay in touch with industry trends and developments, as well as demonstrating their commitment to chemical engineering best practice.

IChemE’s 2010 Salary Survey revealed that chemical engineering careers also come with great financial reward. A graduate chemical engineer typically earns a starting salary of £27,500 per annum – the third highest UK graduate salary and the highest of all engineering careers.

The survey proves that becoming a Chartered Chemical Engineer has a seriously healthy impact on your salary – with Chartered Chemical Engineers out earning non-Chartered counterparts at every age.

Members work in a diverse range of sectors, ranging from Formula One to face creams, chocolate to contracts, and power to process plants. IChemE supports each sector through its specialist subject groups, bringing like-minded members together for events, meetings and networking.

In the coming years, chemical engineers and IChemE members will play a leading role in solving problems related to climate change. Whether it’s securing new sources of energy, reducing carbon emissions or ensuring the planet has a clean and plentiful water supply, chemical engineers will be making it happen.

To read more about the benefits of joining visit the IChemE website.

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