Institute of Consulting

The IC mission is to help develop and represent consultants whose services increase business effectiveness. It is responsible for setting professional standards of competence for members and supporting consultants through qualifications, awards and learning resources including its ConsultingDirect online portal. The Institute sets standards of ethics and professional conduct as well, through a code of conduct that every member signs up to.

Membership provides clients with the reassurance that you will put professional standards first in all that you do.

The IC is also unique in the UK in having authority to confer the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award for competence in consultancy. This well-regarded international award demonstrates that a management consultant has strong consultancy skills, experience and professional integrity. The assessment is robust and includes endorsement by client references. That helps CMCs stand out and demonstrate their competence to work in areas of consultancy in which they claim proficiency. The IC also provides members with updates on business opportunities and the ability to profile themselves on the National Consultants’ Register.

Ultimately, IC membership provides the means for consultants and advisers to demonstrate that they work to high professional standards and have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to competently execute assignments. This is a significant differentiator for consultants when meeting potential clients.

Joining the IC

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or employed within a consultancy, membership of the Institute gives you the tools to succeed. Far more than just letters after your name, it’s a comprehensive support system that stays with you throughout your career. Benefits of membership include:

  • Evidence of your professionalism to clients
  • Continuous route for your career development, from online CPD to a qualifications pathway
  • A full programme of networking events, locally, nationally and online
  • Support for your business development with a National Register and tender alerts
  • Industry-leading online information services at your fingertips, including ConsultingDirect.

Becoming a member of the Institute

Anyone can join the IC and become a member. Your category of membership will depend on the blend of qualifications, skills and experience that you have. On joining you will have a clear pathway to progress your membership as your career and experience grows. You can find more information about IC membership and how it could help you develop your career as a consultant via the contact details below.

Contact details

Institute of Consulting

3rd Floor, 77 Kingsway,
London, WC2B 6SR
+44(0)153 620 7307

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