Institute of Consulting

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award is the mark of a competent and confident consultant. It is the only internationally portable consultancy award and is recognised in 67 countries. The IC is the only organisation in the UK who is able to award the CMC and is accredited to do so by the ICMCI. It provides a real differentiator that is recognised globally.

The CMC award is achieved by completing a competency-based assessment process supported by experienced assessors who assess the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to be a successful consultant.

CMC is an independent endorsement mapped to professional standards and competencies, that:

  • Proves your ability to provide solutions to client business needs that create value.
  • Demonstrates that you have the experience and knowledge to deliver impartial and professional interventions.
  • Differentiates you as a consultant that delivers high quality services.
  • Sets the standard for what is expected of preferred suppliers of consultancy services.
  • Indicates to clients and peers that you have been independently verified against universally accepted standards for experienced business consultants.

CMC remains current and relevant through a three yearly recertification – providing proof of continued development and competence.

To find out more about consultancy qualifications and to download syllabuses, see the Institute of Consulting website.

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