There are many other careers in services and areas that underpin the main business activities in banking, investment and insurance.

Running a successful business in this highly competitive and regulated sector depends on intelligent management of resources, and an army of well-trained staff who can work effectively within a team while also having opportunities to develop and flourish as individuals.

Technological roles are critical to an industry which has grown through heavy investment in computing and communications; for this reason the financial sector is a major employer of top quality technical staff at all levels. However, crucial to the success of firms is the ability to support end-users through user-friendly design, good training and empathic troubleshooting.

Employment in financial services extends to roles in ITC support, programming, project development and management, analysis, and systems administration. Heads of ITC in large organisations may manage large teams of in-house and contract staff, and have multi-million pound global budgets supporting data centres, networking, equipment and software.

IT is critical to the success of financial services businesses. While salaries may not reflect the scales seen in some of the more glamorous sectors, skilled practitioners may expect to reach the highest levels in their firms. In addition to technical expertise, good interpersonal and project management skills are also prized.

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  • About Sian Lloyd: Sian Lloyd FCSI is a senior adviser at the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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