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A levels:
English Literature
Philosophy & Ethics

I’d always been aware of Apprenticeships as my brother was an Apprentice for an electrical engineering company when I was younger. I wasn’t aware about Apprenticeships for Professional Services until a newspaper article about it prompted me to find out more.

I finished my A Levels in English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics and Politics a year early at school, so I left sixth form in year 12 and attended a local college to study business and started working part time at an investment firm. Earning my own money was great, and motivated me to start looking for opportunities other than university.

My school really encouraged me to consider university as a route into a professional career, but I decided that university wasn’t the right choice for me. I decided I didn’t want to go to university, I was sure that I wanted to progress onto a school leaver training programme.

I chose the Management Consulting Higher Apprenticeship at PwC because it was a structured progression route with plenty of future opportunities and the chance to gain a Certificate in Management Consulting.

Before I started I had no idea how valued I’d feel. I was expecting to be an administrative member of the team, doing mundane tasks with no relevance to the industry but I’ve been given a lot of responsibility and I feel challenged in my role, which has been really rewarding.

I’ve recently been able to go to careers fairs and get the word out about Higher Apprenticeships by speaking to young people in a similar position to me a few years ago. When I talk to the students, I encourage anyone considering their future choices to do a lot of research into the options available rather than assume you need to go to university. A Higher Apprenticeship could be your opportunity to dive in at the deep end and start a successful career early.

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