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  • Bio: Cigolene is a rising star in the water industry. She has a MSc in Global Risk and Crisis Management and works for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to help put together a strategic risk management plan for the future.
  • Role: Risk & Value Appraiser

Cigolene Nguyen

Cigolene has an MSc in Global Risk and Crisis Management and is clearly prepared to take risks and opportunities to further her career. Although her background is risk management, Cigolene gave a presentation on Climate Change at the Institute of Water’s 2009 Conference. Although relatively new to the sector, Cigolene wasn’t afraid to tackle an unfamiliar subject on a big stage.

What was your first job?

Customer Service Advisor for the French Railways

How did you come to join your company?

I’m passionate about risk management and the water industry seemed a great industry to go into as it has so many different challenges and risks to manage.

After looking at corporate governance and risk management for 18 months, I wanted to apply my knowledge to asset management and joined Welsh Water’s Asset Strategy team. I am now concentrating on quantifying asset risks and their impact on customer service.

How long have you been with them?

I have been in the water industry for four years now and started with Welsh Water in October 2011.

What has been your best achievement since joining?

To be totally honest, the thing I am most proud of is getting to grips with pronouncing correctly the name of the treatment works. Welsh with a French accent isn’t always quite understood… As for achievements since I joined the water industry, the best one is the design and implementation of a strategic risk framework for Yorkshire Water and getting recognised for it at the Strategic Risk Awards 2011.

What preconception about your company did you find was most wrong?

It is difficult to say as I have just started. What strikes me though is that people here are very humble and do not always promote all the good work they are doing. The company is really thinking about risks and has a lot in place already to manage them, but they are seeking to improve even further and everyone gets involved in it.

What is your message for the industry?

Never lose sight that we are delivering a vital service to our customers.

As part of the Institute of Water’s ongoing work to nurture rising talent in the sector they teamed up with utility magazine Utility Week to celebrate and reward young members who show potential and appetite to progress in the water industry. Find out more about the Rising Star scheme.
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