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  • Role: Programme Manager
  • Degree: BA Business Admin

Ezgi Taze

My fascination for supply chain began during my undergraduate degree when I realised the journey and effort that goes into ensuring the product that I want is available in the shops anytime I want. No matter what size I need or what colour I want.

This is where the magic of demand forecasting lies: getting the right product at the right time, in the right place at the right price; which proves how supply chain can be such a complex and agile area of work.

What inspired me to get into the supply industry?

Have you ever wondered how far the raw materials had to travel to get to the factory to be manufactured and assembled in to the product and eventually distributed to the shops for us to buy?

I just could not stop thinking how complex a supply chain could get in order to find the optimum path. This feeling was so empowering that I decided to build my career in this profession. Working for a global supply chain company I have an opportunity to interact with diverse groups of people on international basis, work in different countries and design complex supply chains.

Starting my career with DHL

I started to work for DHL Supply Chain as a part of the graduate programme in 2007. I worked on three projects across three industries, holding different responsibilities in three locations over the 18 months period. This experience helped me to adapt to new environments quickly, be proactive and develop my communication skills for various levels within the business.

During the scheme, I held real responsibility such as managing projects or operations. I also had regular training sessions to provide me with tools which I then could use in my daily job back in the operations.

On one of my placements I worked as a first line manager, responsible for briefing and debriefing 87 truck drivers. This experience gave me the ability to work under pressure, and motivate people but also that it is really important to understand the people who work on the front line. As a manager I learned to communicate with them, listen carefully, how to gain their respect and make sure they do their job to their full potential.

I believe the DHL Graduate Scheme is a good way to settle quickly into a professional work environment, develop relevant skills and get hands-on experience. It also gave me the opportunity to work abroad or across different locations in the UK, with a wide range of well-known companies from different sectors. You learn to see the bigger picture.

Moving on with my career

In the last five years at DHL Supply Chain, I have had some amazing opportunities to work with different customers from a wide range of sectors – Health Care, Consumer, Retail and Airlines. I have had direct exposure to the top management of very large companies and also doing projects in different departments, such as procurement, marketing, transport, and inventory management. I also receive ongoing coaching from extremely talented Principals and Directors.

Currently I am working as the Programme Manager, where I run several projects for a main customer based in the customer office. I map end-to-end supply chain processes, identify wastages, the critical path and areas that can be improved. I then implement any changes required.

My current role has given me the opportunity to learn how to manage and get the best from very different personalities, manage time scales, learn to prioritise and set the basis for a nice and efficient work environment.

In order to broaden my business knowledge, and understand the commercial side in more detail, I have decided to undertake the executive MBA in Cranfield University. Studying part-time, whilst working gives me the chance to apply my learning in the working environment and see the return on investment instantly.

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