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Many firms actively look for and recruit employees who have obtained CISI membership. This is because CISI membership demonstrates that members have achieved demanding professional qualifications and have also made a personal commitment to high standards of competence and integrity throughout their career.

One of the main benefits of joining a professional body like the CISI is that it offers its members a broad range of professional benefits to support their career development. The majority of these benefits are free of charge and are based around continuing professional development (CPD).

Both regulators and firms are placing greater emphasis on financial practitioners maintaining their competence throughout their careers, especially through challenging market conditions. To allow members to make the most of their membership, the Institute offers CPD opportunities in a number of different formats, e.g. face to face, online or via smartphones and tablets. The Institute has released a mobile app, which allows members to download three CISI publications: the Securities & Investment Review, Change – the Regulatory Update and Investment Management Review, directly to their mobile devices. Members can choose to also receive these publications in hard copy.

The CISI organises CPD events for members in London, across the UK and internationally.

Up to 250 members attend each of these events, taking the opportunity to either learn or update their knowledge on a wide range of specific topics as well as networking with colleagues, which is a unique benefit of professional bodies. To assist members who find it difficult to find the time to attend an event in person, the CISI has launched its very own TV channel, CISI TV.

This enables members to watch the most popular CPD events at a time convenient to them. CISI TV will host over 60 new CPD events annually as well as interviews and training tasters. Broadcasts can be viewed online or via mobile devices, enabling members to keep up with CPD while on the move.
There are a number of other events available to members, which include professional forums covering compliance, corporate finance, financial technology, operations, risk and wealth management. We also offer conferences, training courses, an annual integrity debate and networking events.

One of the most popular online benefits used by members is Professional Refresher. With over 40 online modules available, covering areas including anti-money laundering, treating customers fairly, market abuse, client money rules and training and competence, it allows members to remain up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and changes by progressing through the modules quickly through sections where their knowledge is strong and more slowly in areas where it is weaker. At the end of each module there is a test, which will help members to determine how much they have absorbed. Undertaking the tests can be used to satisfy firm and regulatory requirements.

Underpinning all of the CPD opportunities is the CISI CPD scheme, which is well regarded in the industry and again is free to all members, including students. The scheme, which has around 17,000 registered users, includes an online CPD log which allows members to record the activities they have undertaken and aids them in demonstrating their commitment to undertaking CPD. All CISI CPD activities are automatically updated to members’ CPD logs, so they need only to record activities undertaken through their firm or third party CPD provider. Evidence can be uploaded electronically, enabling members to submit evidence as they go along, minimising administration time.

CPD is a mandatory requirement for CISI Chartered members (Chartered MCSI and Chartered FCSI), Chartered wealth managers, advisers affected by a new requirement from the UK regulator (Retail Distribution Review (RDR)) and also within a number of firms. The CISI CPD log will allow RDR affected members to record their CPD activities to meet this requirement, giving members affected by the regulatory changes confidence in a system designed to meet their needs.

On top of the many professional benefits of CISI membership, there is also a package of more than 40 exclusive personal perks, with deals on everything from home and car insurance, to gym membership, travel and shopping. For more information regarding becoming a CISI member and obtaining the benefits that come with it please read About the CISI or visit the CISI website.


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