Loss adjusters operate independently of insurance companies. Their aim is to mitigate loss and get businesses back up and running with the minimum amount of disruption. They look into the circumstances surrounding a claim – establishing the cause of a fire, for example – before negotiating a fair sum to replace the loss or repair the damage.

Having checked the authenticity of the claim and negotiated an acceptable amount, loss adjusters will report the facts to the insurers and make recommendations for interim and final payments. Although they cannot commit the insurers to payment, or determine the actual amount paid, they are deemed to be fair and impartial. Most insurance companies maintain a panel of loss adjuster firms.


Some larger firms run structured training schemes that will give you a broad-based introduction to the profession, while smaller firms will hire on a case-by-case basis, often focusing on people with experience of the profession and particularly claims management. Loss adjusters will expect you to spend your early months with the firm doing desk-based work, validating claims and liaising with insurance companies and policyholders. This is essential grounding in the mechanics of the profession and claims work and will prepare you for your first visits to claims scenes.

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