• Bio: Eliot Damon has fifteen years of experience working in marketing and has worked as Head of Online & Digital at McMenemy Hill and Head of Internet Marketing at Savoy Group before taking up his current role in the pensions sector as Integrated Marketing Manager for Capita Hartshead.
  • Role: Integrated Marketing Manager
  • Organisation: Capita

Eliot Damon


For fifteen years I have been working within the marketing industry. It’s a lot of time to gain knowledge and insight, and to formulate the best processes to improve company brand/reputation. Throughout this time, I have been managing and transforming programmes to help blue-chip clients. Throughout my career I have focused on acquiring new customers, building relationships, and developing operations with a particular focus on digital technology.

Why work in marketing?

Marketing as a whole has always been very interesting to me. The psychology and how people think is exciting; I look at what customers want and how they want to get it. I believe that marketing is about getting customers’ needs into the heart and soul of an organisation. Ultimately, about discovering a need then servicing that need.

Day to day

There is no typical day for me. No two days are the same and I like the differences and challenges each day brings. I also really enjoy the combination of technology and creativity . However, the key principles of what we do are the same and we tie this into every working day. My day is always about inspiring others to bring ideas together to solve issues. Things happen and move forward when teams come together to find a solution to a problem.

The most enjoyable aspects of my job

I enjoy every aspect of my career. I like working with different teams on various types of campaigns. I love the challenge of converting great ideas into tangible things. I like to see ideas make a positive impact on teams, clients and customers. Making a difference to others gives me a sense of satisfaction. I have now reached the point in my career where I am interested in, and working on, sharing my knowledge with my team and other departments.

My future in the pensions industry

I want to bring fresh thinking, innovation and creativity to the business to business environment. In particular I am concentrating on transforming how companies engage through creative digital marketing in the pensions sector.

My advice to graduates starting out in marketing

  • Marketing is a massive intellectual learning curve, so throw yourself into every task with everything you have got.
  • This learning curve never ends so your learning never stops. Be ready for what’s coming your way next.
  • No two days are the same. It’s both exciting and interesting, take it all in.
  • The heart and soul of marketing is this simple premise – What would our customers value?
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