• Role: HR Business Partner
  • Location: London
  • University: Middlesex

Katy Tann

I wanted to work in the public sector and the NHS HR programme has a reputation for being one of the best. There’s a great focus on people here and an understanding that they drive everything we do. My colleagues are very supportive and there’s lots of variety and challenge.

I like working in South Central because it’s close to London, where I live. It’s also a very large area, so you can build some great networks.

When I left my first placement, I was working at HR Officer level and managing my own employee relations caseload, which I really enjoyed. As an HR Business Partner I’m now working on merging the policies and organisational cultures of two trusts which are merging. I’m also getting involved in consultations and higher level employee relations cases, so there’s no such thing as a typical day!

The training and development has been very enabling and there’s a good mix of on-the-job experience and academic study, as well as mias briggs and action learning sets. I’m really proud of how I’ve juggled my commitments to get the best out of the scheme: for example, I organised a flexi-placement which was very successful and I now have four mentors! I’m a student representative for HR for my region and I regularly attend events such as the NHS Employers conference to further my knowledge.

I hope to become a Business Partner soon after graduating from the scheme and move into a consulting or change management role. If you have a genuine interest and passion for you specialism this is a world class scheme which will open lots of doors for you.

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