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  • Role: HR Analyst
  • Location: London
  • University: West of England
  • Degree: BA International Business with Tourism
  • Organisation: Barclays

Luciana Monfort

As part of my degree I spent a year in Spain, where I studied and worked in a HR department. My experience made me feel passionate about HR and global businesses, and I decided I wanted to do a graduate scheme in this area in an international company.

So far my training at Barclays has involved everything from general HR processes to Italian language lessons. I’ve also received financial support for my MSc Human Resources – International Route, where I will acquire a CIPD qualification.

I’m currently part of the HR Talent and Leadership team for our global retail and commercial bank area. As a HR analyst I get to work on some really challenging projects. I recently had to adapt new resourcing processes migrated to our area, adjusting them according to our existing practices.

This involved liaising with several senior leaders to get the approval of my new proposed processes. It was a great networking experience, and I got to learn all about end-to-end recruitment processes as well as picking up some good negotiation and persuasion skills.

Another project I worked on, involved providing assistance on the implementation of a new MBA graduate programme. I got to go to well known business schools in Europe and America to sell them the recruitment programme and organise the assessment days and cost centre management.

I’ve been surprised by the variety I’ve experienced since joining and how I’ve had to adapt to all the changes. I thought I’d be asked to do particular projects in order to train for a role, but all the projects can change and you end up gaining skills that you didn’t expect to have at this stage of your career. All the projects I’ve been involved in were part of crucial changes within Barclays, and this has helped me grow more than I ever envisaged.

In the future I see my career heading towards a HR generalist role, where I can work in any business area in Barclays. Also, with the completion of my MSc in International HR in two years time, I want to develop my career with a focus on International HR management.

My advice to anyone considering a career in HR is to seek feedback for your work. In order to succeed in any workplace you must be open to constant feedback and ensure that you listen to everyone’s opinion about your performance. Don’t try to know everything.

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