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  • Role: Graduate Engineer
  • University: Ulster
  • Degree: Computer Science

Brent Kelly

A couple of years ago, I graduated from the University of Ulster with a first class Honours Degree in Computer Science. I worked for Asidua during my placement year and they also kept me on part time during my final year.

I found that a placement year can be beneficial in so many ways; it gives you hands on experience which you can’t gain in a classroom environment. It also gives a chance to apply the techniques you have learnt so far in a real world situation as well as learning new things that will aid you in your final year.

Most importantly it provides the opportunity to meet new people and partake in the companies social activities.

What do Asidua do?

Asidua is a software consultancy and services company, headquartered in Belfast with engineering and sales offices in Solihull and Dublin. They deliver integration, software and consultancy services to clients within the government and a range of corporations. Originally based within the telecoms sector, Asidua have developed their expertise to improve the bottom line and service that their clients provide.

Working at Asidua

During my time here I have worked in three different teams within their Business Services Division. Using a range of technologies including Java, C# .Net and web technologies I have been responsible for maintaining/enhancing existing simulation software and providing customer support for this software. I was also able to use the software I created as part of my final year project. Not many people can say they got paid for doing their final year project.

Since becoming a Graduate Engineer at Asidua I have been given the task of developing an automated test suite/framework that tests a series of web services.

Training whilst working

I have learnt so much through ‘hands on’ training. When I first started I was nervous about the work I had to do as I wasn’t familiar with certain technologies. However, my confidence and development knowledge grew each day through the mentoring of my line manager and senior members of staff who were always willing to provide guidance. Now that I have returned as a graduate the ‘hands on’ training has continued to enhance my skills.

During my soft skills training, my communication skills were enhanced by the presentation I had to give. I gave my presentation on ‘Starting a Band’ and because it’s something I am passionate about I was able to stand up and give a clear and confident presentation in front of my colleagues.

My working environment

Asidua provides a friendly working environment and their sports and social committee are always putting on events and activities. I can have a laugh with my fellow team members and we certainly make good use of the Wii that’s in the chill out zone… Mario Kart is a very addictive game.

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