Don’t panic if you want to get into consulting but haven’t done work experience with a consulting firm, your work experience doesn’t necessarily have to be with the same kind of organisation, or even in the same industry, as the graduate role you ultimately apply for.

What work experience shows a recruiter is that you’re making an effort to figure out what kind of career interests you.  I like speaking to candidates who can talk me through how they’ve discovered that a career as a consultant is right for them after discounting other options.  For instance, the financial sector offers a huge number of internships and a lot of candidates will have done some kind of banking internship.  At interview you’ll be able to say, ‘I enjoyed my internship at []; I really built on my understanding of the commercial world, but ultimately I’d prefer a role where I can see a tangible outcome and I think I’d find this in consulting’.

If you don’t have relevant work experience just make sure you meet with consulting firms when they visit your university.  You’ll need to make sure you can demonstrate that you understand what consulting’s about; the highs and lows of the role, and the challenges you’ll face. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for Open Days and events near you.

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