• Role: General Management
  • Location: North West
  • Degree: Nursing

Kelly Driver

I was a student nurse during my degree and the gastroenterology qualification involved achieving practical competence to be a nurse specialist in this field. Nursing is something that I had always wanted to do as a child.

Currently I am working within the Corporate Governance Department, which plays an integral role in the smooth running of the Trust’s business activities, providing advice and guidance as well as administrative support at all meetings of the Trust Board, Committees and Sub-Committees.

I also undertake project work under the guidance of individual directors, which might involve reviewing an aspect of the service and making recommendations to the Executive Team on how this service may be improved upon.

In recent months, I’ve been focusing on the implementation of the Trust’s Public Health Strategy. I’ve met with lots of staff throughout the Trust to get a good understanding of the valuable work that they do, ensure that their achievements are acknowledged by the Board and identify local initiatives that could be expanded to the benefit of the population throughout the North West.

I’ve also notably had a feature article published in Cancer Nursing Practice and was quite proud of becoming a Ward Sister as this is a role I aspired to upon qualification.

I thought getting on the scheme was an achievement in itself. But I’ve had a few more since then. I’ve now got the confidence to work with directors and present my work to them – something I would have thought impossible prior to joining the scheme.

Where do I see myself in the future? Working as an operational manager of an acute NHS trust. I want to make a difference in improving the experiences that our patients have by using both my clinical and general management experiences. As a nurse you can make a big difference to the lives of a few people, though I feel that management offers the opportunity to make a difference on a much larger scale.

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