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In these challenging times, marketing has a critical role to play in the success or failure of a business. Marketers, now more than ever before, are needed to monitor changing client and consumer behaviour, identify new opportunities and threats and provide strategic input to successfully guide their companies through the tough times ahead.

As one of the most dynamic, constantly changing professions, right at the forefront of business, marketing has much to offer you if you are looking for a lasting and rewarding career.

Aspiring marketers can work in a host of different industries, including the public sector and not-for-profit sectors.

Entry-level marketing roles are varied, touching on lots of different projects so you get to learn about the many areas of marketing. You may well be involved in market research, competitor analysis, internal and external communications campaigns, basic PR activities, or helping to organise events.

What skills do employers look for?

Good communicators

Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential for marketers. If you are unable to communicate information or messages clearly with colleagues, it’s doubtful whether you will be able to create effective communications for clients or customers.


Creativity and analytical skills are also vital. If you are involved in advertising campaigns you will need to demonstrate a creative flair, whilst those working in market research must show strong analytical abilities.

Ability to organise and plan

Common to all marketers, whatever field they are in, is the need for excellent organisational and planning skills. Developing integrated campaigns or producing a comprehensive marketing strategy requires good time management skills and the ability to prioritise your workload effectively.

IT skills

There are also some specific and technical skills that employers look for. As digital marketing becomes more and more important as a means of communicating with and building relationships with customers, those with IT and web skills will increasingly be sought after by employers.

As well as skills, what else can you do?

Try and gain a variety of experience

It’s important to gain as wide a marketing experience as you can. Get involved in lots of different marketing activities and become familiar with all the various channels marketers use to communicate effectively.

Obtain a professional qualification

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, the world’s leading professional marketing body, offers four core qualifications – from the introductory certificate for those starting out in the profession, through to the Professional Certificate or Diploma in Marketing which helps marketers at an operational level, right up to the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, for those looking to get to grips with strategic marketing.

Find out more information about marketing qualifications by visiting the CIM’s website.

Keep up to date with industry news and training

Ongoing learning and development remains central to a successful career. Today’s employees, particularly in such a dynamic profession as marketing, need to be able to demonstrate to employers that they are keeping up to date with the latest developments in marketing – be it technological, legal or social.

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