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  • Role: Demand Planning Project Manager
  • Degree: Geography


Tim became a member of the Institute of Water at the start of his water industry career. He quickly realised the benefits of membership, in particular, meeting people at all levels and from all corners of the water sector. Tim is now Membership Secretary in Eastern Area and is keen to introduce new starters in his company to membership to set their careers off on the right path.

What was your first job?

Like many young people I was a paper boy and then graduated to working at the local supermarket checkout.

How did you come to join your company?

I was looking for a job which would make use of my degree in Geography and so a company which worked with the natural environment and is committed to its environmental policy.

How long have you been with them?

Just over three years now.

What has been your best achievement since joining?

Being part of the NWL million makers team raising money for the Princes trust and making it to the final of the competition.

What preconception about your company did you find was most wrong?

I originally thought I would not meet or get the chance to talk to senior management and directors within the company but there have been many opportunities for this throughout my time at Essex & Suffolk Water.

What is your message for the industry?

Greater innovation is essential and will benefit customers and shareholders alike.

As part of the Institute of Water’s ongoing work to nurture rising talent in the sector they teamed up with utility magazine Utility Week to celebrate and reward young members who show potential and appetite to progress in the water industry. Find out more about the Rising Star scheme.
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