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  • Bio: Claudio Richardson's family background is in logistics but it wasn't just this that inspired him to get into this industry. As a high school leaver he worked as a parcel courier, learning the industry at this level, he proceeded to study transport and logistics management and he now works in Estonia as a Country Manager for DHL Deutsche Post.
  • Role: Country Manager

Claudio Richardson

Why did you choose a career in this industry?

I have chosen a career in this profession not by pure coincidence, as most people do when entering the Logistics industry! When finishing high school in Italy 11 long years ago, I worked as a parcel courier for nearly one year.

I really enjoyed the fast-paced environment that I had found myself in.

In addition, my father, grandfather and great grandfather were all captains for one of the biggest (at the time) Italian Flagship sea carriers, Lloyd Triestino! Following my exciting ‘courier experience’ and my family’s history, I thought I would pursue this interest further so I moved to the UK to enrol in a undergraduate degree specialising in shipping and logistics.

My enthusiasm to develop my career in this field has been primarily fuelled by family tradition and desire to find an out-of-the-ordinary job!

What is a typical day like for you?

In 2011, I was made Estonia’s Country Manager for the freight forwarding division of DHL Deutsche Post. Every day is different, as I find myself managing the full budget for the company, dealing with sales and marketing, operations activities, quality management, human resources, property, facilities, and legal matters.

Since I began, I have launched a direct marketing campaign, initiated an effective operations review in adherence to quality assurance and accreditations and created succession planning and future employment strategies. In this industry I never think to myself: “just another monotonous day at work.” Every morning when I drive to work, I think instead about the challenges the day ahead will bring!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Each day presents new challenges and the most enjoyable part of my job is finding feasible and creative solutions to these challenges through effective teamwork. Developing and structuring innovative solutions for our customers, regularly delivering competitive services in order to stay ahead in one of the fiercest markets. As well as engaging my team to pursue our common goals, are all activities that contribute to the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of my job.

I also take great pride and am always motivated by being involved with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives; DHL is one of the biggest global conglomerates and is heavily involved with such agendas, both at a corporate and local level. At DHL Estonia, my team and I are constantly involved in such projects, spanning from environmental initiatives to supporting those less privileged in the community. The huge sense of satisfaction an individual can obtain by supporting such causes is incredible.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

This is the million-dollar question! For the next few years I see myself living in Estonia, which is an amazing country both for its culture, people, environment and prospects for economical growth. Following this adventure, I foresee myself growing, both professionally and personally. This could be achieved by living and working in different countries around the world.

In my previous roles, I have regularly visited several Asian countries that I really enjoyed. I could potentially see myself moving to Asia, Africa or South America. These regions stand to become the fastest growing trading regions in the world within the next ten years.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the industry?

If you perceive yourself as a dynamic and flexible individual and are prepared to work crazy and unsociable hours, travel to the other side of the world when required, then this is the industry for you.

If you are not looking for a static day to day, 9 to 5 type of job and career, you should definitely consider the logistics industry as a possibility. However, a word of caution to anyone thinking about enrolling in this fascinating and exciting industry: make sure you have considered just what this field entails, as it can be very demanding, both professionally and on your personal life: in short, you must love it!

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