• Role: Consultant
  • University: Bath
  • Degree: MSc Advanced Management Practise

Edward Wallace

I graduated from Bath University with an MSc in Advanced Management Practice. Since studying business at school, I have always wanted to pursue a career in Management Consulting. Many of my older friends had pursued a similar career path but had typically worked with private sector clients (e.g. financial services).

I wanted to work with public sector clients as this would allow me to shape public services and improve citizen’s experience of those services. The public sector is very dynamic and since joining iMPOWER in 2010, I have been given great opportunity to make a positive difference to the public sector.

What do iMPOWER do?

iMPOWER is an independent consultancy that focuses on change and transformation for local public services. The company’s mission is to reshape the public sector to deliver sustainable and fit-for-purpose services in a modern environment. iMPOWER’s team of 40 staff, plus a limited number of trusted associates, are drawn from both the public sector and the consulting industry.

With an increasing focus on major transformation programmes across all local public services, iMPOWER’s success has built on its distinctive approach that celebrates the power of deep service knowledge and commitment to the sector.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with new people
I grew up abroad and attended an International School so have always enjoyed meeting new people from different countries and cultures. A career in consulting at iMPOWER has allowed me to meet new people from a variety of different backgrounds. I typically spend Monday-Thursday on client site so it’s great catching up with the wider iMPOWER team on Fridays.

Learning & development
Above all, my favourite aspect about consulting at iMPOWER has been to develop both personally and professionally. The company has a very supportive culture where there is a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with your colleagues. On my previous project, I learnt a variety of new skills including an ability to develop business cases and process maps.

On my current project, we have regular team meetings allowing me to draw on my colleague’s insight and expertise in certain subject areas. As I continue to develop, I would like to share my experiences and skills with new staff that join the team.

What ‘soft skills’ have you found useful?

Relationship management
For me, this is by far the most useful soft skill. Working successfully with your colleagues and client requires an ability to develop strong professional relationships. Regardless of an individual’s personality, it is important to work effectively with others and identify how everyone can support one another. I have been fortunate to build some great relationships with my colleagues and I look forward to continue meeting new people both at iMPOWER and on clients’ sites.

As a consultant, it is crucial to adapt and work effectively with different teams. I enjoy working in a team environment and specifically sharing ideas/experiences with my colleagues and client. We have monthly company meetings here and this is a great environment to work closely with the wider company.

What was the interview process like?

The interview process at iMPOWER was very efficient. I was initially invited to meet the Chief Executive and this was shortly followed by a half day assessment including a one to one interview and case study exercise. The staff were very welcoming and I particularly enjoyed having lunch with a couple of them at the conclusion of the assessment. I was able to ask current staff their experiences of working at the company and gain a strong understanding of the projects they were involved in.

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