Graduate Recruitment Manager Amelia Scott from PA Consulting gives us her top three tips for applying to consultancy internships:

1. Recruiters understand that you’re probably using your internship to help you decide if consulting is the right career for you, and it’s fine to say that this is the case. But you will be expected to have a reasonable understanding of the role of a consultant and to have done your research on the organisation you’ve applied to. Avoid giving the impression that you’re just ‘giving it a go’ without much thought into whether it’s right for you.

2. Most firms will give advice about what they’re looking for in applications on their careers pages; make sure you read this.  We recommend that you only apply for one role at a time, but significant numbers ignore this advice and submit multiple applications; these applications aren’t usually successful.

3. The best applications are those which show some research into the role and organisation and which are well written and have been proofread; don’t be one of the many who we reject because you haven’t updated your cover letter and have referred to us with the wrong name!

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About the Author

  • Organisation: PA Consulting
  • About Amelia Scott: Amelia Scott is the graduate recruitment manager at PA Consulting, an employee-owned firm specialising in management and IT consulting, technology and innovation.

Amelia Scott

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