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In the fast changing world of work, where current work trends indicate that you are likely to change your employer many times during the course of your career, membership of a professional body provides a career partner.

Membership demonstrates a commitment to your profession, to a professional code of conduct and to lifelong learning. Membership will benefit individuals enabling them to keep up to date with latest developments in an exciting profession.

Investing in your future

Recent research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT(UK) as part of a consortium of professional bodies (Consultative Committee for Professional Management Organisations) showed the real financial benefits of investing in your career via professional body membership and in keeping your skills and membership up to date.

The research showed the economic benefit of holding a professional qualification is £81,000 over the course of your career. Your continued membership will also benefit you to the tune of £71,000 giving you an overall financial advantage of £152,000. Considering your cost of membership over your working life is likely to be in the region of £5,000, this is clearly a good potential return on investment.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK

CILT (UK) exists to be the pre-eminent independent professional body of individuals associated with all aspects of logistics and transport.

CILT is an individual-membership organisation with some 19,000 members. Membership is open to individuals studying or working in all areas of the supply chain, including manufacturing, retailing, freight transport, freight forwarding and passenger transport. Logistics and transport professionals also work in a number of other areas such as consultancy, the armed services, national and local government, charities, universities, and research establishments.

Membership grades

There are several levels of membership, suitable for people at all stages in their career:

  • Full-time Student
  • Student Affiliate
  • Affiliate Member
  • Chartered Member
  • Fellow.


Whatever your role, membership of a professional body demonstrates a commitment to a particular career path and to CPD (see Continuing Professional Development). Multi-skilled professionals with a breadth of knowledge and expertise are vital in raising quality standards and improving performance.

Membership offers a range of tangible benefits:

Knowledge centre
Our specialist Knowledge Centre is one of the largest collections of logistics and transport material in the world and offers both traditional library facilities and the latest online search facilities ‘direct to desk’.

Members have online access to over 1700 newspapers and magazines from more than 92 countries in 42 languages. In addition, there is member access to a number of online databases plus the Knowledge Centre staff can provide members with access to MINT and Datamonitor reports, which provide up-to-date information about organisations.

For those studying for professional qualifications or planning market research for a new business venture, the online resources are invaluable, and backed by the professional Knowledge Centre team you have a powerful tool as your disposal. In a global profession access to these resources can give you that all-important competitive edge – for you as individual and for your organisation.

The Institute has a progressive range of nationally recognised professional qualifications offering opportunities to develop and enhance careers in logistics, supply chain management and transport. There are opportunities for study at various levels from an introductory level through to strategic level qualifications.

A trio of new specialist qualifications in Humanitarian Logistics is now available for those working in, or hoping to work in, humanitarian organisations.

Working in partnership with the University of Glamorgan, CILT is pleased to offer an online MSc programme in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which offers the flexibility to combine work and study.

Online Courses
The CILT Learning Online Courses are available to members. The Institute has introduced flexible online learning courses to its portfolio. You can take your own route through the topics covered in the course and learn at your own pace.

News and updates
Focus on Logistics and Transport, a monthly journal, which is full of topical articles, case studies, and information. It provides an excellent selection of sector-specific job vacancies to apply for or use as a benchmark. Focus is also available to members via the website in digital format as well as the more traditional print version.

In addition, members also receive weekly electronic current awareness bulletins, with up to date news and information and you can participate in the e-surveys and e-discussion boards.

Networking opportunities – events and forums
At national level, members can take advantage of a number of activities, including topical lectures and regular ‘hot topic’ workshops and seminars, and an annual convention and exhibitions. At a local level, there is a programme of regional events, including site visits and presentations.

The growing Young Professionals Forum (YPF) offers opportunities to meet with your peers working in different parts of the profession. The YPF aims to engage the interest and involvement of young professionals by emphasising the benefits the CILT has to offer them; and create an environment that is meaningful and supportive of younger members keen to develop their careers. Its focus is towards gaining and fostering the skills that all young managers need to progress through their careers.

These all provide networking opportunities for those keen to meet other professionals and develop their careers.

Career support
An online careers service is particularly useful for students and new graduates giving you help and advice in writing your CV, interview techniques and help in finding jobs.

The Institutes webshop offers specialist publications titles with huge discounts for members covering all areas of logistics, transport, and general business and management titles.

For information on all these member benefits visit the CILT (UK) website.

About the Author

  • About Dorothea Carvalho: Dorothea de Carvalho is Director of Professional Development at CILT (UK). Dorothea is keen to promote the benefits of lifelong learning to members and potential members of the CILT(UK) as the route to professional success in the twenty-first century.

Dorothea Carvalho

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