Would you like to use your skills to make an impact on society? Then consider working in the charity and not-for-profit sector.

Organisations in this sector need to carefully manage scarce resources and accountants can get involved in a range of activities. This can include working for a charity in a management accounting role, managing budgets, financial systems and liaising with budget holders and trustees to manage the needs of the organisation. Or it could be working for a charity specialist auditing firm, delivering high quality audit work, systems reviews and consultancies into the needs of charity clients.

Why work in charity and not-for-profit?
There are many reasons working in the charity and not-for-profit organisation can make for a rewarding and satisfying career. This area of accountancy is known to have a healthy work/life balance compared to some other areas and it is also generally offers very gratifying work – knowing that you are helping an organisation that exists to make a positive difference in the world.

Specialist qualifications
ICAEW offer a Diploma in Charity Accounting (DChA) – obtaining this demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to make a real difference to businesses in the charity and not-for-profit sector. The DChA can be obtained one of two ways, either through experience (for senior professionals with over three years charity accounting experience) or study (a classroom-based postgraduate diploma course). The ICAEW have a charity and voluntary sector group where you can find more information about the current challenges facing the industry.

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