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What can you earn in banking?

Financial service salaries can vary a great deal depending on your role, seniority, and location. The incredible figures that make newspaper headlines are not the case everywhere: for example retail banking salaries tend to be considerably lower than those in investment banking. Find out more about retail banking salaries.

Here we will look at salary progression and potential earnings for graduates entering a range of roles from front office to operations. Salaries are given as base salaries (not including bonuses.)

Front office, Markets and Asset Management salaries

Corporate Banking Asset Management  M&A  Res-earch Trading Sales
Graduate/Analyst  35-55k 35-60k 40-65k 40-50k 40-60k 35-60k
Senior analyst /executive 45-65k 55-90k 55-80k 55-80k 55-80k
Associate/Manager 55-75k 100-180k 60-110k 60-130k 70-130k 60-130k
VP/Associate Director 65-90k 150-250k 90-140k 120-175k 90-160k 120-175k
Director 90-150k 70-125k 120-200k 150-250k 150-260k 150-250k
MD 140-250k 125-250k 150-300k 200-400k 180-400+k 200-400k

*these figures have been collated from Michael Page Salary Survey 2013 and are for reference purposes only.

Back, middle office (Investment banking) and wealth management salaries

Compliance Officer IT – investment management Risk management Operations Wealth Management
0-3 years exp. £28-60k £45-70k £30-45k £30-45k £35-45k
3-6 years exp. £55-100k £45-65k £45-60k £45-75k
5-8 years exp. £80-150k £65-100k £60-80k £75-100k
Head of Department/ 8-10 years exp. £100-160k £85-110k £80-100k £80k+ £100-150k
Group Head /10 years+ £125-250k £120-160k £100-130k £80-150k £120k+
Global Head £150-300k+

*these figures have been collated from Robert Walters Salary Survey 2013 and are for reference purposes only.

For salaries in other areas of financial services such as accountancy, tax and consultancy, take a look at our individual salary articles for these areas.

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