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For those just starting out, you will most likely be involved in a variety of areas. As you progress in your career you may specialise into one area and then at much higher levels work on a strategic level for the different areas.

Example roles include:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager

Area of marketing: research

By researching markets and customers, marketers can make informed choices about developing products and how to communicate with potential shoppers or businesses. A variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques will be used in order to draw conclusions and point businesses strategies in the right direction.

Market research will be used to identify and define opportunities and issues, help determine marketing actions, monitor the performance of campaigns and contribute to the theoretical knowledge behind marketing.

Types of market research include:

  • Ad tracking
  • Brand name testing
  • Cool hunting
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Price elasticity testing
  • Viral marketing research.

Example roles include:

  • Customer Information Manager
  • Research Manager.

Area of marketing: communications

Effective marketing communication projects need to be able to get the correct message across about an organisation and its products or services. This type of work may involve copy or script writing or designing ads and other marketing materials. There is close links between this and working in PR or advertising.

People working in this area have to work to overcome different barriers which can change or stop the right message getting across. Therefore, there is a close relationship with design agencies who work up the ads and other materials. Traditionally this type of work related to printed products, but the rise in popularity of digital media means these streams are also being used to promote company messages.

Forms of marketing communications include:

  • Adverts – audio and visual
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Packaging.

Example roles include:

  • Press Officer
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Internal Communications Manager
  • New Media Manager

Area of marketing: brand management

Brand management is about marketing at a strategic level for products and brands, ensuring their consistency and integrity during campaigns. Once put in place, it is also important to monitor trends and feedback to meet brand and customer needs.

Part of your role in brand management will be to prepare briefs for agencies to work to.

  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Brand Planner

Area of marketing: direct

Being able to target the right people is a large part of direct marketing. It also involves personalising and monitoring response. Types of direct marketing include email newsletters, mobile messaging, dynamic online content, catalogue distribution and leafleting.

These projects are usually designed to produce an action response in the receiver. This can be easily monitored from digital mediums but harder to equate the value of more traditional printed formats.

Example roles include:

  • Direct Marketing Manager
  • Partnership Manger

Area of marketing: advertising

Within the marketing profession, most working in advertising will be account handlers. Those working on the technical design will have been trained in graphic design or similar. Your role as an account handler is to work with the client, to identify objectives and communicate any problems or design issues, in order to achieve the company’s goal.

Example roles include:

  • Advertising Manager

Area of marketing: public relations

Roles within PR are concerned with protecting or enhancing the image of a company or individual in coverage from the media. Responsibilities will often involve writing press releases, arranging corporate events or CSR events or handling bad press.

Example roles include:

  • PR Manager and Director
  • Events Manager
  • Promotions Manager

Area of marketing: strategy

These are senior level roles which coordinate all or some of the above areas across the campaign or company.

  • Account Director
  • Group Account Director
  • Board Director

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