The PMI is the UK’s leading professional body for those working in the field of employee benefits and retirement savings. It has 6,500 members and offers a full range of qualifications and services to support their ongoing professional development.

The PMI is a non-lobbying professional body, which works with government and other bodies in the financial sector to ensure the views of its members are put forward in a sound and impartial manner.

With 36 years of successful operation behind it, the PMI prides itself in leading the future of employee benefits and retirement savings standards. It practices across the UK and in doing so is committed to ensuring that pensions and employee benefit professionals achieve excellence in every facet of their jobs.

PMI membership structure

The PMI’s membership structure is designed to ensure that all those who are associated with the PMI are classed as members, including those who have a strong affiliation with the industry and want to be a member of an institute that represents those working within it.

Its membership structure also aligns the award of membership levels with the achievement of specific qualifications and experience within the industry.

PMI qualifications framework

The PMI offers a range of internationally recognised qualifications covering the various disciplines underpinning employee benefits and retirement savings. This includes those starting out in the industry, for example pensions administrators, to those carrying out essential front line roles at the top of a pensions structure like company pensions managers or senior consultants. It also offers two further qualifications for pension trustees. View the full range of qualifications that the PMI offers.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

In almost every profession, CPD has become a core element of what it means to be professional. This has particular relevance to those working in employee benefits and retirement savings.

CPD is a key part of PMI membership and in using its CPD scheme, its members contribute to the development of the profession as a whole, as well as to their own personal development.

Completion and recording of CPD became compulsory for PMI Fellows in 2010 and for Associates in 2011. Although CPD is not compulsory for other members, the scheme and recording system are open to all. The PMI encourages all its members to complete CPD.

The PMI CPD year runs from 1 January to 31 December and the requirement is 25 hours, 50% of which must be pensions related.

The PMI offers the following support services to assist its members with their CPD requirements:

PMI publications

The PMI offers a range of publications including its monthly PMI News and quarterly themed PMI Technical News ensuring its members are kept informed and up to date with current pensions issues. PMI members also have the opportunity to receive free monthly copies of Pensions Age.

PMI events

The PMI’s annual programme of Conferences, Seminars and Technical Workshops offer stimulating content, top quality speakers, vigorous debate, and excellent networking opportunities.

PMI regional groups

The PMI has a network of UK Regional Groups and a sister Institute in Ireland – the Irish Institute of Pensions Managers (IIPM) – which have regular contact with PMI members working in their area. Each Regional Group organises local seminars, talks and social events. In addition, they provide study support and advice to students who are preparing themselves for its examinations.


PMI TV is an online TV channel offering more than 1,000 topical, relevant and informative programmes to pensions professionals and trustees. It provides the latest interviews, comments and debates from key figureheads within the pensions industry. All media is now available to download to desktops, iPads or iPhones allowing its members to keep up to date while on the move. Access PMI TV and download the latest programmes.

Senior pension careers

Once you’ve landed your graduate pensions job, you might wonder how to progress from there. The PMI’s online jobs service, created exclusively for the UK pensions profession, provides a vast selection of senior pensions jobs from leading recruitment agencies and employers. The site’s popular features include:

  • Jobs listed by sector, salary levels and location.
  • Hot pension jobs highlighted on the homepage and throughout job searches.
  • New mobile site from which you can easily find and apply to jobs on the go.
  • New option to upload your CV and be found by recruiters.
  • New pensions jobs by email system giving you control to create multiple job alerts.
  • The Pension Careers Twitter account @PMIPensionJobs

Visit Pension Careers for more on a career in pensions and to register for pensions jobs.

PMI Extra

PMI Extra is a benefits scheme for PMI members presenting fantastic discounts on a range of everyday products and services. Access PMI Extra.

Accredited adviser programme (AAP)

The PMI was granted Accredited Body status by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2012. This Accredited Body role is performed through its Accredited Adviser Programme (PMI AAP).

PMI members and others can join the PMI AAP which will allow them to obtain a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) and record relevant CPD activity required by the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) regime, run by the FCA.

Learning Gateway

Learning Gateway is a portal offered by Standard Life, which offers a wide range of educational resources designed to support your professional development and training needs.

It offers free access to a comprehensive range of investments, business and compliance related online courses. It is an essential knowledge source containing over 100 tutorials.

The PMI, continues to pride itself on the high quality and relevance of its qualifications and services. Its operations are reviewed on a constant basis in order to keep abreast of the significant changes that have, and are continuing to take place in the field of occupational pensions.

Further developments are planned which will widen its involvement in education even further and increase support for pension professionals and trustees, enabling them to face the ever increasing challenges of the future with greater confidence and assurance.

To find out more visit the PMI website.

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  • About Holly Sheridan: Holly Sheridan is Head of Commercial Development at the Pensions Management Institute (PMI). Prior to taking up the post in April 2008 she was Head of Marketing and Communications, a role she carried out for almost two years.

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