About the MCA

The MCA is the leading trade body for the UK’s management consulting industry and comprises most of the country’s top firms.

It promotes high standards in the industry and in the contribution its members make to the economy.

Management consultants help take organisations further than they would go on their own. The MCA’s member companies help create better leaders, better decisions and better delivery.

These companies represent two thirds of the UK consulting industry in fee income, estimated to be worth £5.5 billion in 2015, employ more than 45,000 consultants and work with every leading UK public and private organisation. They add real value and do amazing work.

The consulting industry

The UK consulting industry is extraordinarily diverse, and this is reflected in the membership of the MCA. Members encompass all strands of consulting from ‘pure’ strategy to technology, engineering, HR, marketing, outsourcing and corporate advisory companies. The range and sophistication of modern management consulting is a significant strength of the UK economy and a source of great competitive advantage.

The industry’s performance is one of continued consolidation and growth. Many more firms are now also working overseas, increasing consulting’s role as a key export for the British economy.

Digital consulting continues to grow, and according to MCA data now accounts for just under 28% of all consulting revenues. Financial services remains the largest private sector buyer of consulting services while spend on infrastructure is rising. Meanwhile strategy consulting has reinvented itself and has shown significant growth in the last year.

The role of the MCA

The MCA’s mission is: ‘To promote the value of management consultancy for the economy and society as a whole’.

To achieve this, its main focus is on three key roles:

  • Being a powerful voice for the consulting industry.
  • Standing up for high standards of professionalism and integrity within the industry.
  • Creating better engagement with and between members and their staff.

A powerful voice for the industry

The MCA informs and influences public debate on topical issues, and provides authoritative data on the industry. It commissions research and policy analysis and represents the industry in discussions with the government and other stakeholders.

Its aim is to ensure that management consultancy is better understood and recognised by the wider public as well as by existing and potential clients. By being ‘the voice of the industry’ the MCA tells the positive story of management consultancy, as well as combating some of the myths and false perceptions surrounding the profession.

Promoting standards

The MCA promotes high standards in the UK management consultancy industry. Members meet strict entry criteria and annually declare their commitment to the Consulting Excellence scheme. Membership is a badge of quality that testifies to the standard of services provided and the organisational values behind them. This reassures clients that MCA firms exemplify quality in the industry.


Outstanding pieces of consultancy work and the best individual consultants are recognised each year in the MCA Awards. Case studies are submitted jointly by firms and their clients and the awards are fiercely contested, with the winners announced at a gala dinner each spring. Full details of the 2017 winning entries are available on the MCA website.

Uniting the industry

The MCA enables the industry to come together, network and turn common challenges into shared opportunities. Every member is represented in a Council that helps set the agenda for the industry and guide MCA activity.

The MCA run a series of overarching networks which consultants can progress through as they move forward with their careers. These networks offer professional development, networking and the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers within the industry.

The networks facilitate the sharing of experience and best practice within the industry through initiatives such as the Young MCA, the Consultancy Buyers Forum, the Think Tank and a set of issue-based working groups and committees that shape our events, policy and research programmes.

For more information

The MCA’s Consulting Bulletin e-newsletter provides anyone interested in management consulting with news, tips, interviews and thought pieces which address the main issues facing the industry.

You will find more information on the MCA website.

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