1. Tailor your CV to a particular vacancy – especially the accompanying letter. Let the firm know that it’s their job you’re interested in and not just any possibility because you’re desperate. Employers don’t respond well to desperation: they want to believe that you have applied to them because you are genuinely interested in the vacancy and feel you would be ideally suited to it.
  2. Make your words count. Your CV should be punchy and not too wordy. Stick to the key points, focusing on your most recent position(s) and, unless it is absolutely necessary, try to keep your CV to two pages. Recruiters spend on average around 10 to 15 seconds skimming a CV so you need to get their attention early.
  3. Double check that your CV has correct spelling and grammar, as any mistakes will reflect poorly on you.
  4. Presentation counts. Ensure your CV looks professional by using simple fonts and avoiding colours. You should also avoid using pictures or graphics on your CV.
  5. Be positive and state your case confidently. The world is your oyster and this could be the start of a glorious career.
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