Most of you reading this will already be at university or have recently graduated but, given your time again, would you still choose to go to university?

There was a time when getting a degree was the natural choice for anyone wanting to enter a finance or consultancy profession. It’s fair to say that the majority of recruits in these sectors are still graduates, but a definite shift change is taking place. For many, university now symbolises a huge investment in tuition fees and rising living costs. The thought of getting stuck into a job straight from school and getting on the bottom rung of the career ladder is very appealing. The rise of school-leaver schemes and apprenticeships, especially in the Accountancy, Tax and Insurance professions, is making many young people think twice about their future, post-A Levels.

WikiJob recently decided to survey their student and graduate users to get their thoughts on this issue. They discovered that 62% would choose to do an apprenticeship rather than go to university if they made the choice now. However, 41% felt that employers still valued a degree above an apprenticeship.

In the poll, the top reasons for choosing an apprenticeship were starting a career earlier, getting hands-on work experience and earning a salary while you learn (and no student debt). University attributes were slightly less practical, with respondents siting a good social life and intellectual curiosity as their top reasons.

Go to the WikiJob website to view the full infographic.

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