consultancy-introConsultancy firms are considered desirable places to work, with students attracted to the promise of interesting, challenging and diverse work as well as the opportunity for early and substantial career progression. But do you know what consulting actually is? What types of consultancy employers are out there? And what exactly do these roles and companies require from you? Fear not, we are here to answer all of these questions and more!

Consultants are commonly brought in for business improvement, change of management, to maximise growth or to gain a competitive advantage. The range of a consultant’s work can be extremely varied and consultants are found in almost any business sector. Some key consulting areas you can expect to work in at the beginning of your career are:

  • Business strategy
  • Manufacturing and business services
  • Financial and management controls
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management
  • IT.

Students entering the profession come from a range of disciplines, though a numerical or analytical degree can be advantageous and firms typically expect you to hold a 2:1 degree or above. If you are interested in a school leaver scheme, PwC and KPMG have well-established programmes and schemes are becoming increasingly popular amongst larger companies.

Consultants across all areas of business have the following in common: an analytical mind, strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team and strong problem solving capacities. Find out more about the skills you need here.

Starting salaries in consultancy are comparable with some of the best paid jobs in the country, on entering the profession you could be earning in the region of £35,000.
Consultancy offers the opportunity to experience a variety of industries whilst developing a vast, transferable skill set. As a consultant you will work on a range of projects, with a variety of colleagues and clients. You could gain experience across sectors, industries and even countries. This diversity gives consultancy the potential to be both a challenging and highly rewarding career.

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