Hello and welcome to my blog! I will be your guide to life as a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester’s Alliance Business School. My name is Gilbert Yankey and I am studying MSc (Hons) International Business and Management. I’m 21 years young and I’m from the great lands and bustle of the North West, Huddersfield.

I originally moved to Manchester three years ago for my undergraduate studies here at the University of Manchester. I graduated this summer from BA (Hons) Management. This course is supported by three applied study periods (work placements) throughout the three years. It gives the opportunity to take what I have studied and apply my knowledge to real life projects/operations. The course also provided me with a great foundation for my Masters in International Business as it enabled me to apply my thinking in a global scope.

Living in Manchester

I became very aware over the last few years of how vibrant and multicultural Manchester has become. I’ve always referred to the city as a ‘mini-London’ with the unlimited things to do from a diverse range of cultures. Though I believe going to any university in the UK would involve meeting people from other cultures, nonetheless the University of Manchester has probably one of the most diverse student populations in the country; less than half of the undergraduate students (47%) are from the UK, 19% are an EU-country, 32% consist of students from Asia and the rest are from countries all over the world. In my course alone, I think I must’ve met people from around 15 different countries by now and it’s only been a month!

Manchester offers an unimaginable range of clubs and societies – there’s a club or society for virtually anything. All clubs and societies generally hold social outings, so you’re sure to find like-minded people within the university.

There is also so much to do within the city; whether you want to blast through your student loan at the Trafford Centre or watch two of the biggest football clubs in the world every weekend, there’s access at your fingertips.


The jump from undergraduate level to masters is certainly a leap and a half! Not so much due to the content of the modules, but the build-up of workload and meeting deadlines in a short space of time. Independent learning and consistently keeping on top of your workload is key in order to gain good grades.

The course is demanding; a total combination of 13 hours per week of lectures and seminars and the expected 20 hours per week of independent study does certainly sound heavy. However this varies depending on your specialism in the business field; I have a couple of friends studying masters in economics and real estate that have in total nine hours of lectures per week.

It’s not all doom and gloom, providing you manage your time effectively. Believe it or not you can actually have a fulfilling social life alongside your studies.  The business school organises socials every fortnight to blow off some steam. I’m a keen footballer so I often play seven-a-side with classmates every weekend.

One social I have particularly enjoyed since I started the course was the one-night residential trip to the Lake District.  It was the conclusion to a week-long induction of my course programme and business school. Though the surrounding theme of the trip was based around teamwork, it was also a way to get to know your classmates and lecturers a little better. We participated in teamwork activities such as zip walking, zip lining, rowing/kayaking and so much more. The pictures below are a glimpse of things we got up to during the trip.

lake-web gilbert-and-friends-1

Career goals

Alongside studies, the programme simultaneously provides various opportunities to focus on our career destination after graduation. This is an essential part of the course which provides weekly careers workshops and networking events with prospective international companies. I aim to work for a prestigious management consultancy firm after graduation. The drive of building relationships with clients and working on various projects to improve and sustain efficiency in companies on a global scope is my ultimate goal in a business career, thus the profession of a consultant is my ideal. As a member of the AMBS Consulting society, I regularly attend workshops and other events that take place in order to gain insights and application tips which can prove essential when applying to consultancy firms.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get back to my schedule and so I must end it here. This is Gilbert; signing off. Until next time…


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