london bridgeNew research shows that graduates from the London School of Economics earn a higher salary than those from any other UK university, including Oxford and Cambridge.

LSE is the only institution where more than 10 per cent of female graduates earn £100,000 10 years after graduating.

Over 10 per cent of male graduates from LSE, Oxford and Cambridge also earn £100,000 10 years after leaving university, with the graduates earning an average annual salary of £163,000.

The research from the Institute of Fiscal Studies used tax data and student load records from 1998 for 260,000 students. It is the first time “big data” has been used to analyse how graduate earnings vary by university, degree subject and background income.

The study shows that graduates from universities in the north of England such as Liverpool, Newcastle and York, also earn high wages despite their local labour markets having lower earnings than in the south of England.

Nevertheless, the capital’s LSE, Imperial College London and King’s College London all come out on top for high salaries.

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