Social media is now an integral part of our lives; more than half of us have a Facebook account, millions view videos on YouTube, and an estimated one in five people are on Twitter.

Yet while we are addicted to social media on a personal level, new research to mark the finale of the Brathay Apprentice Challenge shows when it comes to work, we’re not using it to sell ourselves to future employers.

Over 27 million Brits use social media on a daily basis – yet only a quarter (26%) sell themselves through social media to improve their careers and just 19% use it for their own career enhancement.

With 65% of those responsible for hiring staff using social media and a further 12% saying that a good social media presence impresses them, the country’s job hunters could be missing out by not including vital information on their social media profiles.

Only 19% have included fundraising activities, just 17% mention volunteering, only 13% acknowledge coaching & mentoring and just 12% have talked about leadership roles on their social media profiles.

With 75% of job seekers saying they still look to take on as much extra training or courses to enhance their CV, experts have called on employees to do more to celebrate the skills they have.

Now in its fourth year, the Brathay Apprentice Challenge tests apprentices on their teambuilding, leadership, logistical and communications abilities in a series of work-related challenges.  The apprentices also completed community projects, fundraised for charity and raising awareness of apprenticeships to young people, employers and local MPs.

The Challenge sees teams develop new skills, conduct activity to benefit their local communities as well as raise the profile of their employers and apprenticeships. Developing their social media profiles is just one of the tasks set for the 70+ apprentices  the finals of which take place over two days. During the Challenge, teams will be going head-to-head in a number of trials that will test the skills they have picked up during their apprenticeships. Watch the video below to see how the teams got on.

Godfrey Owen, Chief Executive of, Brathay Trust, said:

‘The Challenge offers an enhanced apprenticeship as it tests and develops the non-technical work skills and personal attributes of competing apprentices.’

The Brathay Apprentice Challenge is supported by the National Apprentice Service, Director, Sue Husband said:

‘I want to congratulate the winners and all of the competitors in the Brathay Apprentice Challenge.  Together they have shown the genuine difference an apprenticeship can make to give young people the chance to pursue a dream job as well as helping a business grow and increase its productivity. It is important that we work together to encourage even more businesses to offer apprenticeships so that we can reach our target of 3 million more apprenticeships in the next 5 years which will ensure Britain’s long term success, building a stronger economy and fairer society for this generation and the next.’

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