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PwC: Where in the world are female CEOs?
A study earlier this year from PwC’s partner Strategy& revealed some fascinating trends about women CEOs over the past 10 years. The findings have continued to resonate with journalists around the world, and have remained relevant due to the splash of articles on global women CEOs and women in the technology field.

Bain & Company:  Emerging supremacy of generation #hashtag fuels a new wave of ‘native digital’ media content 
Bain & Company report that Generation #hashtag, which combines digital natives – those too young to remember life before the Internet – and digital migrants – those over 26, who embrace digital media as their primary source for content – are challenging traditional business models for content producers and enabling the emergence of new native digital models.

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Mercer: Well-intended efforts on gender diversity not improving women’s workforce progression
A new study from Mercer is a first-of-its kind analysis of the underrepresentation of women in the workforce.

McKinsey & Company: Rethinking the role of the strategist
Strategic planning has been under assault for years. But good strategy is more important than ever argues McKinsey & Company. What does that mean for the strategist?

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