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How Capitalism Has Transformed Eastern Europe Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Sunday marked 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Check out these fascinating series of charts on the transformation of post-Soviet Eastern Europe.

Deloitte: Ten million jobs at risk from advancing technology
Huge advances in technology risks creating an under-class of low-skilled people whose jobs have been automated, according to a joint report from Deloitte, the Big Four accountancy firm, and the University of Oxford.

BCG: China’s Rising Wages and the ‘Made in USA’ Revival
A new survey by Boston Consulting Group found that 16 percent of American manufacturing executives say they’re already bringing production back home from China. That’s up from 13 percent a year ago.

Why the G20 needs to focus on the digital economy
The continued growth of the start-up culture and the “overnight” success of new businesses such as Uber, AirBnb and Dropbox demonstrate the economies of tomorrow are being shaped by companies which have became global players overnight. Rather than focusing on a few adjustments to re-stabilise the world’s economy, the G20 leaders need to understand the impact of digital disruptions on nations and industries. All will be impacted; none will be spared.

Photo: Mark Gilbert



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