The number of graduate jobs is increasing at the Top 100 Graduate Employers. News out from High Fliers, who annually survey the Top 100 Graduate Employers, has shown that the number of graduate jobs is up 11.6%, more than was expected from the High Fliers Graduate Market Report 2014 published in January.

The area with the most graduate jobs is ‘Accounting & Professional Services’ (Chartered Accountancy and Actuaries) which made up 4,442 graduate jobs and increased 23.8%. Following this Investment Banking graduate jobs made up 2,148 vacancies although this was down 2.5% on the previous year. Consulting graduate jobs increased a massive 27.2% although the real number of graduate jobs for 2014 was 617 vacancies.

The number of applications to Consulting and Accountancy & Professional Services was up on previous years, 19% and 5% respectively. However applications for Banking & Finance and Investment Banking jobs were down 2% and 6.1% respectively. This hides the real numbers of applications per graduate job which in Banking & Finance was 62.7 applications per vacancy!

Average graduate starting salaries had a small rise after four years of staying static up from £29,000 to £29,500. The area that commanded the highest starting graduate salary was Investment Banking which was up at £45,000. This is in contrast to Accounting & Professional Services which was bang on the £29,500 average.

Overall the outlook for graduate recruitment is very positive with now graduate vacancies up to pre-recession levels.

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