The expectations of young people entering the world of work have become a source of embarrassment for their employers, according the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC).

The newly published Skills and Employment Manifesto calls for the UK education system to focus on improving students’ employability skills.

‘Too often employers report awkward conversations with new employees or interview candidates whose expectations far exceed what they will be able to contribute in their first year,’ said John Wastnage, Head of Employment and Skills at the BCC.

‘Some school leavers and graduates expect to start on high salaries, manage a team from the word go and lack the patience to work their way up the ranks. Others have never been taught about how workplaces function.’

The BCC suggests that publishing the employability ratings of schools in league tables will incentivise head-teachers. Data would be gathered by tracking the salary progression of a school’s alumni through their National Insurance numbers.

Make sure you fully explore a profession before applying for graduate jobs.

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